What is Healthy & Active?

Healthy & Active is an individual nutritional program. It determines for each individual the optimal nutrition based on their personal hormonal system, metabolism and genetics. The individual nutrition program was developed 10 years ago by metabolic specialists, medical doctors and nutritionists. The foundation is an analysis of 42 blood parameters ​​and your blood group as a genetic marker. In addition, food allergies, illnesses and personal goals are considered.

The basis of Healthy & Active

Your metabolism is the driving and life-sustaining force behind your body’s energy. It is vital to transform and transport all nutrients needed by our body’s cells to exist and to produce energy. Its objective is to detoxify the body and deliver the building material to develop and repair our organs. Each person is unique in his individual metabolic profile, based on genetics and environment. To maintain good health, it is crucial to identify weaknesses in your metabolism and hormone system. Healthy & Active’s extensive metabolic analysis is the basis for your individual nutritional program.

The analysis provides information about:

  • organ activity
  • gland activity (hormonal balance)
  • protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism
  • important minerals
  • metabolic type
  • metabolic category (anabolic or catabolic)
  • acid–base balance

It is equally important to consider genes (blood type) as well as a healthy protein metabolism. Proteins in your diet are being processed by your stomach acid and the enzyme alkaline phosphatase in your small intestine. People with blood types “A” and “AB” produce only limited amounts of this enzyme. During the metabolic adjustment phase, you should only ingest proteins that have been predetermined for you.

How Healthy & Active works

Nutrients from 340 different varieties of foods, fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, salad, fruit, oils/fats, and grains are identified that optimize your personal metabolism. For example, if a person has low cholinesterase values (an indication of a slow processing liver) bitter agents of the artichoke or radicchio may increase liver activity.

Our individual nutritional plan allocates all necessary nutrients for your body. The distribution of protein (20-30%), carbohydrates (40-45%) and fat (30-35%) meets the nutritional recommendations of modern medicine.

With Healthy & Active you do not have to count calories. Amounts are being calculated so that you feel satisfied and your metabolism stays active.

Your nutritional adjustment occurs in 3 phases.

  1. The preparation phase – gently helps your body prepare for the upcoming nutritional adjustment.
  2. The main phase – your body adjusts to the new healthy nutritional regimen. Weight loss starts in this phase and you will feel better than ever.
  3. The stabilizing phase – starts when you are happy with your new weight and well being. You will receive an additional food list with a wider variety of foods to choose from supplementing your shopping list.

Your competent healthcare practitioner will be at your side to motivate you.

Your personal nutritional plan offers the “good” carbohydrates, valuable proteins, and healthy fats and oils perfectly matching your metabolism. The plan is easy to follow and to implement. Consuming food at your work place or in a restaurant is not a problem, despite changing your eating habits.